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Sector7 provides source-code level re-hosting tools and services to organizations in every industry sector; including software, consulting, manufacturing and finance.

We offer experience of successfully managing large projects, with a demonstrated ability to utilize resources from different organizations. We place great value on our well-defined process, strong project management, technical leadership and an emphasis on testing.

Sector7 has successfully performed many thousands of migration projects for all kinds of companies, all over the world. We specialize in mission-critical systems and have migrated many major applications for Fortune 150+ companies. Our toolkits and consulting practice have helped thousands of other companies to migrate their own applications.


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Five Step Process

Using our 5-Step process (refined over the years during many successful re-hosting projects) we are in a position to consider the migration of anything to anywhere, regardless of source and target platforms.

Established 1985 (See Timeline)

Sector7 was established in the UK in 1985, and since then has migrated many leading-edge applications from one operating platform to another. The experience we've gained is of obvious benefit to new clients: it reduces the time required to migrate and reduces overall cost and risk.

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Offices in North America, Europe
Headquarters and engineering division in the US
European sales, support and Windows® engineering facility in the UK
Provide migration and co-existence tools and services around the world

Predictable Tools based, Continual Integration

Sector7 tools and services provide application developers across all industry sectors with a cost-effective way to migrate existing applications from OpenVMS to other operating systems including, but not limited to, Windows®, Linux and UNIX


Finance Banking
Stock exchanges Global retail
Telecommunications Manufacturing
Software Consulting
Chemical Aerospace
Defense Government

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