TPU Editor for Linux and UNIX - OpenVMS Migration

nu/TPU is a fully programmable text editor modeled after Digital's TPU (Text Processing Utility). It includes the EVE, EDT and WPS interfaces for easy
and familiar text editing across all your platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux.

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Migrating to Open Systems

When migrating from OpenVMS to NT, Windows, and/or UNIX, it is most beneficial
to remain consistent with native application development tools, such as
the TPU text editor with its EVE and EDT interfaces. nu/TPU offers full
emulation of these interfaces, and is compatible with DEC TPU so that
customizations can be ported to a new target system without change. nu/TPU
can also be fully integrated with VX/DCL to provide a seamless migration path.

Skill retention

nu/TPU allows you to take full advantage of windowed environments, such as MS
Windows and Motif. Text selection, command execution, window resizing, cursor positioning, cutting and pasting, etc. can all be done via the mouse or keyboard. Other features include unlimited files and buffers, rectangular box editing, user definable window widths, easy key redefinition, wild card and case-sensitive search and replace, spawn, shell, word wrap,
free and bound cursor movement, user-definable backup, customizable interface,
dynamically built help function, color and font support.


Without nu/TPU, editing tasks on a new platform such as NT or UNIX can cause large headaches and incur significant learning curve costs. Using nu/TPU, training costs of learning a new editor are non-existent, time is saved by eliminating any duplicate customizing and reprogramming, and productivity is retained by keeping the same robust TPU-based editor, full of powerful features that everyone is used to and favors


As you integrate Windows, UNIX or Linux into your OpenVMS environment, there is no reason to use multiple editors. nu/TPU provides all of the functionality of VMS TPU for Windows ,Linux and UNIX, allowing you to maximize your productivity investment by using your VMS TPU code scripts without change. When you move away from VMS, take your customized VMS editor with you by using nu/TPU.


nu/TPU allows your company to standardize on a single editor across machine platforms. Not only does this reduce training costs but it helps developers feel more at ease working with new and unfamiliar platforms. The best way to keep a developer's productivity high is to provide superior development tools across platforms.


Section Files

nu/TPU supports the use of initialization, command, and section files. Initialization and command files may be copied directly from your OpenVMS system and used with nu/TPU. Section files created with nu/TPU can be transferred to other nu/TPU platforms without recompilation. Customized nu/TPU editing interfaces are built using the exact same steps used to build a OpenVMS TPU editor.



Motif and MS Windows compliant Complete TPU programming language VMS TPU 5.4 source code compatible EVE, EDT, and WPS interfaces Supports unlimited files, buffers, and windows Fully customizable on the fly Column cut/copy/paste operations in insert/overwrite mode Horizontal and vertical scroll bars in every window Dynamic keyboard definitions Unique simple interface (si) shipped with its source code Color and other video attributes support


Unlimited undo Command line with abbreviations Free and bound cursor movement Word wrap Wild card and case-sensitive searches User-definable backup creation Quick and easy key redefinition and learn sequences Spawn and shell facilities International character set support Automated editing interface building procedures